Readers who apply what they learn have better careers! 5 books that will help you this year.
People with great careers read. 5 books that will help you now.

I am obsessed with career development – my own, my team’s, even the people I interview. I’ve seen so many professionals stagnate or become irrelevant in the job marketplace in the last 10 years because they refuse to keep learning, to keep current, to make what they know relevant to today’s world. It pains me.

So, I read. I read a lot compared to some and just a fraction compared to others, but I it seems for every article, book or report I read I print out, save to Pocket or purchase another. Some are good, some are awful, some are outstanding. And it’s the outstanding books I’m going to share with you today – books I believe everyone in business, no matter what level, what industry, what region will benefit from, if only from osmosis.

Why? Because we all need new inputs, new ideas, new concepts to consider to grow in our careers. It’s only through being open to new thoughts that we will stay relevant in our jobs and be able to craft or carve or create the careers we want. Careers that serve the lives we want to lead. If you need more convincing, read more about that in Never Stop Learning by Bradley R. Staats – the title says it all.

So here goes.

5 Books That Will Positively Impact You

  1. Leadership

Dare to Lead by Brene Brown. This book brings together all of her research and evolution of thinking. If you’ve read her previous work you will recognize some of it, in one place as a road map for anyone who wants to lead anyone into the future. And by anyone I mean yourself and anyone else around you. So that’s everyone. Sustainable leadership is brave, it’s honest, it’s vulnerable. Brown shares the doubts we all feel and gives the tools and framework to choose to lead with courage, which we all need to have for these times (well all times).

2. Marketing

Talk Triggers by Jay Baer & Daniel Lemin. Own a business? Read this book. In marketing, development, communications, social media, customer service in ANY INDUSTRY? Read this book. Jay and Daniel show the power of talkable differentiation and provide the framework to create your own. Remember, Same is Lame.

3. Networking

Friend of a Friend of a Friend of a Friend…. By David Burkus. Who we know matters, not for what they can do for us, but for what their network can bring to us and what we can bring to the friends of our friends. The subtitle tells you what you get “understanding the hidden networks that can transform your life and your career.” Print out the workbook he provides and work it. You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish by being a good friend.

4. Cautionary Tale

Bad Blood by John Carreyrou

Clear a couple of hours on your calendar, get a drink, find a comfortable chair and read this from cover to cover. The story of Theranos written by the Pulitzer-prize Wall Street Journal reporter who broke open the truth about this Silicon Valley darling everyone wanted to believe. Short cut to the morale of the story? Don’t lie.

  1. Workplace

Culture Code by Daniel Coyle. I wrote all over the margins of this great, well-researched book. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, culture drives everything – sustainability, profit, opportunity. Create it, tend it, feed it, evolve it. Or close your doors.

My goal in 2019: 52 books. Have suggestions? Please email me at lcaraher at