It’s Here! Mogul, Mom & Maid At Bookstores Now!

November 5, 2013Managing, The Juggle

Mogul, Mom & Maid: The Balancing Act of the Modern Woman by good friend and colleague Liz O’Donnell launched today and is available in bookstores nationwide and on Amazon. Named one of the top 10 fall business titles by Publisher’s Weekly, Mogul, Mom & Maid tells the real stories of women all across the country who … Read More

Hype ALWAYS Plays Itself Out

November 4, 2013EverythingSpeaks

And more from the Don’t Believe Your Own PR and Stay Humble files: Hype Always Plays Itself Out: Always. It’s hard to keep this in mind when offered large contracts to create the illusion of greatness  – AKA hype. When faced with this conundrum for a company or product we believe in, the temptation is to tell the prospective … Read More

Stop Uptalking Now? And 6 Confidence Rules

October 31, 2013EverythingSpeaks, Managing Millennials

Ladies & Gentlemen: Uptalking — the moronic, high rising terminal,  interrogative, upspeak, rising inflection, unnecessary inflection, or high rising intonation –  as described by Wikipedia, and common among teens and surfers, as pointed out by urban dictionary, needs to stop in the workplace. It needs to stop now. Uptalkers sound dumb. Uptalkers sound like they don’t know what they’re talking about. It sounds like they … Read More

Don’t Let the King or Queen of Denial In the Door

Don’t Let the King or Queen of Denial In the Door

October 30, 2013Managing

“And from the great state of Denial, the Mayor of Renounce will now sing his favorite song, ‘This Ain’t Really Happnin’ ” The best laid plans almost never go according to plan. In fact, the point of a plan is to know where you’re supposed to be so that you can adjust your actions to … Read More

The 7 Things We Must Have At Our Desks

October 29, 2013Ask Lee

  My desk is often a disaster. When I decided that I didn’t want an office, and that I’d be with everyone else in the beautiful Knoll system, I gave up a lot of surface space to stack my piles of papers, folders, books, To Do lists, and the other sundry things that I feel compelled to … Read More

And… Don’t Let Success Blow Up Your Head

October 25, 2013EverythingSpeaks, Leadership

The other day I reminded us all to Don’t Believe Your Own PR because, while positive personal profiles are generally based in truth, they are skewed. And if we believe our glowing press, our heads blow up and explode and the resulting mess is a pain in the @ss to clean up. (And usually the … Read More

The Best Guest

The Best Guest

October 23, 2013Ask Lee

The other day I heard from a good friend who had read my Stay At Home Dad Rules That Work and who had also been a guest in my home. She took what I can only call extreme reaction to our solution to making the bed by not using flat sheets. In fact, she said, quite … Read More

Control Freaks: Control Yourself First!

October 23, 2013Ask Lee, Leadership

I’m surrounded (at work and in life) by control freaks – not just the one looking back at me in the mirror. People who get a little, or a lot, discombobulated when the plans so carefully laid go off the rails. People who think they are the only one who can do something important. Control Freaks … Read More