Resist The Urge To Compare Colleagues

November 26, 2013Leadership, Managing

The problem with titles in the workplace is that they are not static – everyone at one level will not have the same degree of expertise, confidence and ability. Titles represent a band of excellence or inexperience that people travel through at their own pace. Some people travel quickly because of the opportunities their work … Read More

Biz Coaches Need To Manage Too

November 25, 2013Managing

“Why won’t Stella* do what she says she’s going to do? We’re having excellent coaching sessions all the time. I don’t get it.” And so encapsulates the irony of business coaching – coaches who’s “clients” report to them need to manage too, and sometimes confuse one role for the other. Business coaching is all the … Read More

These Are Not Suggestions: 3 Ways To Get Your Point Across

November 20, 2013Managing

Leading teams of people is the most rewarding and sometimes the most frustrating act you can do. Rewarding when the team is rockin’ it — progressing, doing great things, having fun, getting promoted, achieving THEIR goals, making clients happy, hitting their numbers, getting the work done during the day — you get the idea. Frustrating … Read More

Avoiding The 3 Kisses of (Business) Death

November 12, 2013Career, Managing, Rules To Live By

We’re all in a service business of some sort, in that  the vast majority of workers are dependent on selling something — hard goods, expertise, capacity of many sorts, etc. – to someone else who chooses you over others. The faster we all realize we’re serving others, the better it will be for the waiters … Read More

In Praise Of Single-Tasking

November 11, 2013Leadership, Rules To Live By

I am a multi-tasker. While I’m writing this, the football game is on, my IM keeps blinking at  me, my son is showing me his latest football moves across the room, and the timer is on so I remember to go change the laundry. This works just fine for me (right this second)…because I am alone, … Read More

It’s Here! Mogul, Mom & Maid At Bookstores Now!

November 5, 2013Managing, The Juggle

Mogul, Mom & Maid: The Balancing Act of the Modern Woman by good friend and colleague Liz O’Donnell launched today and is available in bookstores nationwide and on Amazon. Named one of the top 10 fall business titles by Publisher’s Weekly, Mogul, Mom & Maid tells the real stories of women all across the country who … Read More

Hype ALWAYS Plays Itself Out

November 4, 2013EverythingSpeaks

And more from the Don’t Believe Your Own PR and Stay Humble files: Hype Always Plays Itself Out: Always. It’s hard to keep this in mind when offered large contracts to create the illusion of greatness  – AKA hype. When faced with this conundrum for a company or product we believe in, the temptation is to tell the prospective … Read More