Busyness is Nothing to Brag About

September 4, 2013Managing, The Juggle

“Busyness” ≠ Effectiveness I challenge you to go through your day – at work, at school, at church, at a bar, in a book group – and not either say or hear “I’m so busy.” Yeah, everyone’s busy, but most aren’t effective in direct proportion to their busyness. Much like the duck paddling furiously and … Read More

Deadlines: A Primer

September 4, 2013Career, Managing

Deadlines aren’t for you, ever. Because someone else needs what you’re working on to get what they’re working on done. So with that in mind, let’s review: 1.Never EVER set Friday 5pm as the deadline. All that means is that the person you’re sending something to is going to have to stay late or work … Read More

Control What You Can Control…YOURSELF

September 4, 2013Career, Managing, Rules To Live By

We don’t control much through our day, despite everything we’ve been taught to the contrary. I don’t think I’ve ever started a day with the same to-do list (with items crossed off or not)  that I had the night before. I can’t control who will call, or who will need my help, or what the … Read More

Channel Yoda: Do or Do Not, There is No Try (The Same Thing Again)

September 4, 2013Career, Managing

Whenever I hear “I tried” I know a “but” is coming.   It’s become the preface to excuses and lame efforts with less than desirable results.  In effect “try” has come to mean so much less than its definition. “I’m trying, but…” “I tried that but….” Merriam-Webster defines the transitive verb “Try” as “to put to … Read More

Hire a Waiter or a Bartender

August 17, 2013Managing

Recruiting is a tricking business in the best of times — add the situation we live in today and it’s even nuttier. Definitely an art form, not a science (no matter what anyone tells you). At Double Forte we’ve tried many different processes to recruit great people. Today  we look beyond  the traditional check list of … Read More