A Meeting Without An Agenda is a Dull Party

September 18, 2013Managing, Rules To Live By

Never Go To A Meeting Without An Agenda. Agendas should have logical progression of topics, time estimates and owners. Don’t meet if you’re not prepared. Cut meeting short if people aren’t prepared. Don’t meet for more time than you need. Never leave without a clear sense of who does what next. Reinforce in follow up … Read More

The Point of Communication is To Stop It.

September 17, 2013Managing, Rules To Live By

Back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. How many emails strings do you have in your inbox right now that could have been shortened down to one out and one in? I’m going to say at least 50% of your email is a reply with more information than the last time. For the … Read More

Getting It All Done: A Real Working Women’s Guide

September 14, 2013Rules To Live By, The Juggle

Working women are Leaning In, Opting Back In, knocking on glass ceilings (even if they’re crooks), and, with men, working more than ever in our connected world. And as Judith Warner says in her recent New York Times Magazine article, “..achieving work-life balance may well be a less a gender issue than an economic one.” We all have a lot to do, so … Read More

6 Steps To an Effective Short Presentation

September 12, 2013Career, Managing, Rules To Live By

When presenting any concept a visual aid helps convey the thought. But don’t get bogged down in PowerPoint Hell and lose your audience in the short time you have them. In a recent practice presentation in the office (every week one or two people give 5-10 minute presentations on the topic of their choice to give … Read More

9 Questions To Ask Your First Week: Intentional On-Boarding

September 9, 2013Career, Managing

The first step in setting up yourself for success when starting a new job, going onto a new team or getting promoted or moved into a new role, is to take charge of your own on-boarding.  Conversely managers, when bringing a person onto your team in any capacity, the first step to successful integration is … Read More