Boomerang Principle is in the house!
The Boomerang Principle is Here!

It’s Boomerang Principle Day! The book officially launches today, April 11th and is available nationwide in bookstores and online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, and Routledge. The audio version will be available soon.

I wrote this book to help others learn what I learned the hard way – that creating a culture worthy to return to is also creating a positive and valuable culture that drives business success.

Boomerang Principle Creates A New, Positive Loyalty Paradigm

I also wanted to help employers and managers break free of the old notion that when employees leave they become “dead to you” and focus on the loyalty paradigm of the future – employee loyalty that transcends tenure and the paycheck and lasts for an entire career. Loyalty that boomerang backs over and over again with former employees referring or becoming clients and partners, recommending new talent for their former workplace, becoming great brand advocates in the market, and even returning as employees for a second or even third tour of duty.

A boomerang culture doesn’t happen by accident, but it’s worth the effort in the myriad ways it drives a positive workplace, profit, a path of least resistance and high performance. This principle has guided our culture at Double Forte since we opened our doors almost 15 years ago, and been a large part of our success.

A boomerang culture doesn’t happen by accident. 


A Female Leadership Voice

Another reason I wrote this book is because we simply don’t have enough female leadership voices sharing their practices and philosophies about how to lead and run companies – very few women are on any of the “must read” lists for leaders and entrepreneurs (my favorite lists are here, here and here). I believe the more women leaders add their voices and points of view to the leadership and operations discussion, the faster we will achieve gender parity across the board in business.

So, I give you The Boomerang Principle. I hope you find it valuable in your own work.

And because I’m so excited about sharing this positive approach to work and career building, I’m happy to send you a personalized bookplate that you can affix to your own copy! Email me at and I will drop it in the mail for you.

Here’s to all good things coming back to you!