Deadlines - A Primer
Deadlines Matter: A Primer To Never Missing One

Deadlines aren’t for you, ever. Because someone else needs what you’re working on to get what they’re working on done. So with that in mind, let’s review:

1.Never EVER set Friday 5pm as the deadline. All that means is that the person you’re sending something to is going to have to stay late or work on the weekend to act on it. And you’re on the hook until your work is cleared…so you’re working late or over the weekend too.  If someone gives you that deadline, RESET it to Friday at noon.

2. Same thing with Monday morning. All this means is you’re working over the weekend. Try to make Tuesday at 10 am your first deadline.

3. EOD (End of Day)  and COB (Close of Business) do NOT exist. Who’s day? What’s closed? If you’re still there are you closed?  Using these guarantee disappointing someone. Declare a  time (3 pm or earlier is best) and a day (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday are best) so you have time to answer any questions the person you’re delivering something to might have.

4. If you’re not going to make a deadline, tell the person ASAP and renegotiate to figure out how to get it done. RUN, don’t walk on this one.

Your work not getting there on time can set off a whole domino effect you can’t see and the fact that you missed it will feel MUCH larger than you can predict.  Really, if you have a 3pm deadline, you are sure to know before 2:59 that you’re not going to make it.  Renegotiate a deadline as soon as you know you’re in trouble so everyone around you can plan too.  No excuse.

5. No matter how great your work is, if it’s late  it doesn’t count.


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