In my not-too humble opinion, too many business books are written from a 3rd-person’s point of

Stadium Status - Must Read
Stadium Status: Read. Apply. The End.

view, not from actual experience in making sh*t happen. Theories and principles that authors pontificate upon without any direct knowledge or experience in actually putting them to work. The work that includes the process of practicing new things repeatedly over time until they become natural, dealing with the inevitable vagaries each organization’s implementation creates, triangulating some to keep pushing towards the goal, and then constantly reinforcing the principle with real people. Real people, whose complicated lives, ambitions, screw-ups, and achievements, make leadership and project management an art form not a science.

Lots of these kinds of books are on the “leaders must read” or “entrepreneurs must read” or “so-and-so must read book” list. Meh. (You can see my reading list here if you want.)

I’m here today to bring you a super practical, tell-you-how-I-did-it-and-so-can-you, leadership and business achievement book – Stadium Status – Taking Your Business to the BIG TIME. Buy it here, read it, apply it and you’ll be on your way to reaching your goals – the ones that you don’t tell anyone because they are too big to be believable.

Stadium Status Not Just For Athletes and Entertainers

I had never heard of “Stadium Status” before interviewing author and business coach John Brubaker for episode 57 of Double Forte’s podcast Focus Is Your Friend, which you can listen to here. (Former Double Forte Boomerang Heather Hawkins of Elevation Strategy called this episode “IMO, the best Focus is Your Friend podcast yet” – and she was an awesome guest!).

What is Stadium Status? It’s that elusive position every coach, athlete, entertainer and performer strives to reach: the ability to fill the largest venue possible to a sold-out status. As Brubaker, AKA Coach Bru, says “it means moving from an also ran to the best in class with a stadium full of raving fans.”

Coach Bru brings lots of stories from athletes and the music and entertainment business that he applied to his own business and entrepreneurs can apply to their own businesses – in whatever industry – to transform their thinking from incremental to exponential.

I particularly like Coach Bru’s lessons around the perils of a “scarcity mindset” and the power of an “abundance mindset.” Winners help other people win and achieve their own version of Stadium Status. His optimistic and contagious point of view is proved out in the multitude of stories of success built from sharing and helping others in the same industry rise the tide of a category.

Each chapter focuses on a key principle on how to reach stadium status – a momentum-building business that grows and thrives — and not just be a flash in the pan or a one-hit-wonder constantly trying to recapture that brief moment of fame. Importantly, Coach Bru focuses on how real businesses never have a “linear route to success” and that “no stage is too small” to bring your A game on to make your business successful. Love your fans and your fans will love you more. I could go on.

From how to capture the belief you need to propel yourself forward to identifying ways you can provide the “Golden Ticket experience” Brubaker provides easy to understand and IMPLEMENT steps that will help any business transform from an also-ran to Stadium Status – a headliner with raving fans. Buy. Read. Apply.

The End.