Praise for: Millennials & Management: The Essential Guide to Making it Work at Work

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Lee Caraher has captured what the Millennial generation demands and shows businesses how to harness the power of this new generation to co-create successful, energized businesses of the future, in which everyone will benefit, right now.
Nilofer Merchant, Thinkers 50 #1 Future Thinker, 2013, Author 11 Rules for Creating Value in the #SocialEra

I didn’t think it possible to capture the nuances of all the complex demographic groups now roaming around the workplace. In Millennials & Management, Lee Caraher has done just that in a concise and compelling way. There were times when I said to myself, ‘Hey, I know that person.’ What Lee tells us, is how to deal with that person to create a successful organization. A must read for all managers.
Dr. Richard A. Moran, President of Menlo College, Author Navigating Tweets, Feats and Deletes/strong>

It’s been said millennials are unruly, unmanageable. But after reading Lee Caraher’s Millennials and Management, I wonder how the workforce will manage without them. Boomers brought their daughters and sons to work, millennials are bringing their dreams. And that’s good for everyone. Incisive, practical, timely — from a been-there, managed-Millennials-well, CEO.
Whitney Johnson, Author Dare, Dream, Do: Remarkable Things Happen When You Dare to Dream

Millennials & Management cuts through the theory and rhetoric and gives managers and employees alike a clear way forward for successful teams and workplaces. A must read for leaders who want to future-proof their businesses, Lee Caraher’s funny, concise and practical advice is easy to follow and will make a huge difference in your organization right away.
Larry Weber, Chairman and CEO, Racepoint Global, Owner W2 Group, Author The Digital Marketer: Ten New Skills You Must Learn to Stay Relevant and Customer-Centric

Finally a book that gets beyond the survey data and the myths and provides practical advice for anyone who works with Millennials. Lee Caraher writes from personal experience in a clear, conversational style with real-life examples and a sense of humor. Must reading for anyone who supervises young employees or leads a business or non-profit in 21st century America. Enterprising Millennials will also find value in this book.
John Boland, President & CEO, KQED, San Francisco

Millennials are a pivotal part of today’s working environment and defining culture. Caraher cracks the code on how to create a high-functioning intergenerational workplace built for tomorrow with a funny telling of real-world work experiences that everyone will recognize. Read it with your colleagues and help them grow, engage, and succeed today.
Jerry Ervin, President & CEO Paragon Strategies, Management Training and Consulting

With a mix of research, real-world stories and easy to understand and implement instruction, Lee Caraher provides a refreshing, optimistic way forward that will get everyone working together and keep Boomers and Xers engaged in the workplace as Millennials become the largest generation at work.
Keith Kitani, CEO, Guidespark

Millennials & Management is a primer on how to skillfully lead this emerging segment of our work population now and into the future. Lee Caraher offers a wealth of tools and techniques to address even the thorniest management dilemmas. Both the experienced supervisor and novice to staff leadership will find immense value in her sage words.
Mitchell Friedman, Ed.D., APR, Associate Dean, Student Affairs and Career Development, Presidio Graduate School

Lee Caraher has nailed it! Not only has she outlined and detailed some of the challenges of blending the Millennials into the workplace, she has shared countless examples of what works (and what doesn't). This is a must-read for all business leaders and managers. This book has proven solutions that are well researched. I particularly appreciated the summary of do's and don'ts at the end of each chapter for quick reminders. Change is inevitable in businesses, large and small. This is a perfect read to instill the necessary changes that must be taken, backed up with the research and practice. I highly recommend this book for business owners, leaders and students of HR practices.
JoAnne Marlow, HR Consultant

Caraher’s compilation of best practices will help organizations make the most of a cross-generational workforce and build a more productive and positive workplace.
Publisher’s Weekly