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How Mutual Mentorship Can Change Your Career. Mentoring younger colleagues can benefit both sides. Here’s how to get the most out of your mentor-mentee relationship.

Even if you leave a company feeling that you absolutely never want to return, you do not know what will happen in the future. The graceful exit is its own art form, and one that will pay off in spades over the life of your career. The last impression you make is the one people will remember.

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Demonstrating loyalty to those who work for you can be conveyed in many ways, and loyalty begets loyalty. The benefits are indisputable, and include higher retention and productivity.

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What Do Millennials Want? In a Word: Meaning.


The new loyalty is not bound by employment. When employees have a positive experience working for you, they become advocates of your company even after they leave.

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Here are ten things you can do to help Millennials – and the rest of your team – thrive.



Millennials are known as the “Trophy Generation.” Growing up, they received plaques just for competing in the spelling bee; it did not matter if they won. A PWC study found that 41 percent of millennials surveyed wanted to be recognized monthly, compared to just 30 percent of those from other generations. 


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Instead on putting the focus on retention, we should instead be putting the focus on encouraging great people to return to us in a myriad of ways over the entire course of their careers. When we think long term about an employee’s potential – not just about how they contribute during their tenure with us – we transform our companies to be thriving, future-proofing organizations that retain top talent longer.


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…Given their level of socialization, communication is the key to managing Millennials. They “expect, and indeed crave, constant constructive (read positive) feedback loops.” While many older managers say, “I don’t have time to hold their hands,” they should remember that coaching remains an integral part of their job.

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Every business – even if they don’t rehire anybody, even if they don’t become clients – can benefit from having an alumni program because it’s creating advocates in the marketplace.

3 Ways to Create a Millennial-Friendly Culture of Appreciation

ReBoot Career Accelerator for Women
Caraher’s book is one more argument for women who have paused their careers to continually skill up and be ready for new reentry opportunities; and to stay current and wield influence as customers, fans, or thoughtful critics through the many social media and other channels available to them. The returner is valuable and mission critical for forward thinking corporations.

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Caraher’s compilation of best practices will help organizations make the most of a cross-generational workforce and build a more productive and positive workplace.

99 prominent publicists and PR firms share their top strategies to help get mentioned in the media.

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How do you green your own pasture by helping employees find and use their strengths, and inspiring them to be more satisfied and productive, on your side of the fence, and even happily return if they do wander in their career advancement. 

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…However, Millennials have much to offer when pointed in the right direction and armed with the knowledge that what they do matters.

Leadership Development Is the New Black
Excerpt from The Boomerang Principle: Inspire Lifetime Loyalty from Your Employees by Lee Caraher.

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Boomerangs are an important engine for a positive work culture that delivers a positive bottom-line. In fact, Boomerangs will become more important to business in the future, as Millennials and GenZers continue re-shape what a career trajectory looks like in today’s world.

Many Boomers and GenXers seem to resent Millennials, using terms like ‘entitled’ or ‘precocious’ to describe their younger colleagues, but are ineffective at setting expectations or providing context or clear direction…

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Caraher offers advice on phrasing feedback so it comes across as positive: Start with the facts on which everyone can agree. Replace why (blame) with how (fix it). Replace you with we; this shows the willingness of the manager to work with the employee on the how…

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Book Review Round-Up: My Top 5 Reads for 2016
Maybe it’s time for a new paradigm with regard to workplace loyalty. This is one where both employee and employer do their part to encourage greater loyalty. 

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How to Deal with Millennials.

Say please and thank you – a lot, and authentically. Teams that are appreciated outperform those that don’t by incredible margins. Just saying please and thank you goes a long way to helping your team understand you appreciate them.


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