Lee Caraher has keynoted for corporate, nonprofit, and educational audiences around the country. She speaks on generations in the workplace, positive corporate culture, personal branding, leadership, career management and communications and social media. Known for her entertaining, insightful and actionable presentations, Lee’s audiences learn how to create and lead high-performing, positive teams and how to craft a career that matters. Everyone leaves ready to take action and make a difference in the workplace and in their careers.

How to Create a Boomerang-Ready Culture

Boomerang Cultures are high-performing, positive work cultures that propel companies forward...profitably. In an era when it's rare for employees to stay with one organization for very long, companies need to focus on making tenure as valuable as possible. In this talk, based on her book, The Boomerang Principle, Lee Caraher explains how to create and maintain positive work cultures that get the best out of people while they advance their careers, and how to keep people in the fold once they’ve left so that they “boomerang” back to the company as advocates, recruiters, partners and even employees. You’ll learn how to:

✓ Deploy a modern loyalty paradigm
✓ Become a Talent Brand that attracts and retains the best employees
✓ Create a culture of value employees and alumni will embrace

Leading the Next Generation Workplace

The workplace of today and the future requires different understandings and leadership skills than the offices of the past. Leading the next generation workplace with multiple generations, multiple cultures, blended workforces, fast-paced teams staffed with employees who care not just about the work at hand but also about the impact of the company on the world, and who work remotely quickly to help the company reach its goals — together yet apart. Leading this non-homogenous workplace requires new strengths, vulnerabilities and skills so that you can thrive not just survive. You’ll learn how to:

✓ Shift from command and control to high-input, low democracy leadership required for today and tomorrow
✓ Create positive, high-performing cultures
✓ Establish yourself a leader inside and outside of the company

How to Attract & Retain Millennials and GenZers

Millennials will account for more than 50% of the workplace within 5 years, and as Generation Z starts to enter the workforce, the scales are tipping towards a new sensibility of work, work-life balance, and career development. To succeed in today’s business world, you need to shed your negative stereotypes of younger colleagues, embrace their energy and find a way to work together. When Millennials thrive so do Boomers and GenXers. Using her acclaimed book Millennials & Management: Making it Work at Work as the backdrop for this talk, Lee will show how to:

✓ Bust negative myths about all the generations
✓ Create positive, intergenerational teams
✓ Drive context and high expectations into every project for continued success
✓ Resolve conflicts quickly and respectfully

Building Your Strong Personal Brand

To craft the career you desire a strong personal brand — offline and on — is required. The best companies are strong talent brands made up of people with strong personal brands. In this talk, Lee will show you how to create and maintain a strong personal brand and business reputation. In this talk, you’ll learn how to:

✓ Establish your personal brand and how to present it on and offline
✓ Use social media to extend your brand
✓ Build your reputation and presence over time

The Art of Communication: Talking with Employees and Customers to Keep Them Engaged

Your most important customers are your employees, yet most companies spend more time talking and sharing with their customers than their workforce. Add to this that companies tend to rely on one-and-done messaging with their employees, it’s no wonder there’s such a disconnect. Based on her successful 25 year career as a sought after communication strategist and practitioner, Lee Caraher shares how to put conversation at the center of every relationship to create efficient, aligned and engaged workforces and excited and engaged customers who keep coming back for more. You’ll learn how to:

✓ Establish an efficient and easy-to-implement communication protocol that ensures maximum information and alignment
✓ Simplify your messaging so that it can be heard
✓ Create multiple communication channels that are well-coordinated and reinforce each other

Everything Speaks: Breaking Through with the Manners That Matter in the Workplace

Every day in offices and workplaces all over the United States people do or say things that get in their way or propels them forward in their career. Everything we do speaks and people you don’t even know are listening and making judgment that may impact you - positively or negatively. Based on the innovative EverythingSpeaks Desktop Guide, Lee shares modern business etiquette rules no one tells you. You’ll learn how to:

✓ Present yourself strongly to be remembered
✓ Prepare for and participate in meetings and conference calls
✓ Conduct yourself at business dinners, in the office
✓ And so much more!

Customized Keynotes & Workshops

Lee works with your group to create customized content to address the specific needs of your organization.This can be as keynote, workshop, or in a leadership advisory role.