Lee is the founder and CEO of a highly sought after communications firm known for producing great results with its innovative approach to traditional, digital and experiential programs. She has a long history of leading high-performing, multi-generational teams that enjoy working together. Lee is a champion for creating a positive workplace culture that fully supports its talent, even when they choose to move on. She takes the long view to support employees building their own personal brands that balance loyalties to themselves and their employers. Lee believes that companies able to inspire lifetime loyalty from employees — currently or formerly employed — are the companies that are best suited to thrive. She has long recognized that people will leave employers and understands the real problems this causes for companies. Learn more about Lee.

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The Boomerang Principle: Inspire Lifetime Loyalty from Your Employees

Realize the tremendous advantages of letting go of old definitions of workplace loyalty and replacing them with a mindset that inspires employees to be loyal for their lifetimes, whether they are employed by the company or not.

What People Are Saying

We had Lee spend some time with our team and her ability to get our team with a wide variety of styles, values and expectations together was inspiring to watch. Many of our team were drawn to her examples, insights and practical suggestions. Lee's top of my list when I need to get real advice on managing the talent in our team.
Rob Castaneda, Founder and CEO, ServiceRocket

Because of her experience building a company in today's 4-generation workplace, Lee gets it in a way few do. Combine that with her pragmatism and humor, and you have an amazing coach and confidant to help sort through your issues and become a dream place to work.
Chris Gilbert, General Manager & SVP of Sales, Console Division, Bandai Namco Entertainment America