The Boomerang Principle
Inspire Lifetime Loyalty from Your Employees


As millions of millennials and the even younger GenZers come into the workforce with very different expectations and definitions of loyalty, companies need to shift to make the most of those workers’ energy, skill sets, and incredible potential. Those companies that shift now for the long game of allegiance will have a strategic talent and efficiency advantage over those that don’t. While many organizations and Boomer leaders long for some of the workplace dynamics of the past, one expectation—that employees will demonstrate their loyalty to their employers by staying at their jobs for a long time (or as long as the employer wants them)—is particularly unrealistic for business today.

In The Boomerang Principle: Inspire Lifetime Loyalty from Your Employees, author Lee Caraher shows how companies and leaders can realize tremendous advantages by letting go of their old definition of workplace loyalty and replacing it with a mindset that inspires employees to be loyal for their lifetimes, whether they are employed by the company or not. Based on Caraher’s experience with employees at her company, she has learned that a company that’s easy to return to is a company that’s difficult to leave. This is the future of positive work.


In clear and engaging language, Caraher shows business leaders how to:

✓ Create cultures to which employees want to return, which provides both short-term and long-term benefits
✓ Engage with employees to inspire them to deliver extraordinary results during and after their tenure
✓ Repair workplace relationships that have been broken by negative exit practices and behaviors
✓ Develop powerful corporate alumni programs that maintain lifelong relationships with former employees
✓ Influence beyond payroll, and achieve sustainable business success

This positive and pragmatic approach lets leaders coach their employees in ways that encourage employees in all generations—Silents, Boomers, GenXers, Millennials, and GenZers—to succeed in and contribute to their organizations and take control of their careers in a positive way. Caraher offers leaders—and the people they manage—proven steps to create positive workplaces for today and tomorrow.

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A Sampling of Praise

The heart and soul of every company lies in its people. People bring brands to life and, ultimately, drive a company’s success – but, they do not have to be within your walls to do so. Recognizing that everyone who interacts with your company has a hand in its success, is the new key to business sustainability. Buy and share this book, the benefits will boomerang back to you.
Kevin Cleary, Chief Executive Officer at Clif Bar & Company

Lee Caraher marshals a compelling array of data on why employers should cheer on personal disruption even when it means people leaving where they are. Businesses need their people to grow and growing sometimes means moving on. If you're smart, you'll keep your employees close, and keep your former employees just as close!
Whitney Johnson, Thinker50, Author of Disrupt Yourself and Dare, Dream, Do

Millennials & Management
The Essential Guide to Making it Work at Work

This book is for Boomers, GenXers and Millennials – no matter who’s in charge; read it with your team.

As Millennials join the workforce at a fast and steady rate, companies are struggling with tension and dissonance between Millennials and their GenXer and Boomer colleagues. And with Boomers planning to work longer than previous generations. companies can’t just wait for management to age out to fix the problem. Finding productive ways across the generation gap is essential, and organizations that do this well will have a strategic advantage over those that don’t.

Millennials & Management addresses the very real concern of small, medium and large businesses nationwide: how to motivate, collaborate with, and manage the Millennial generation, who now make up almost 50% of the American workforce. The key is for Boomers and GenXers to adjust their attitude from disbelief and derision to understanding and respect without giving up their work standards, AND for Millennials to move towards their older colleagues. Using real world examples with an optimistic and positive outlook, author Lee Caraher gives leaders and their employees practical steps to co-create a productive and engaging workplace for today and tomorrow that capitalizes on individual and group strengths.

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A Sampling of Praise

Lee Caraher has captured what the Millennial generation demands and shows businesses how to harness the power of this new generation to co-create successful, energized businesses of the future, in which everyone will benefit, right now.
Nilofer Merchant, Thinkers 50 #1 Future Thinker, 2013, Author 11 Rules for Creating Value in the #SocialEra

Caraher’s compilation of best practices will help organizations make the most of a cross-generational workforce and build a more productive and positive workplace.
Publisher’s Weekly